Your files, photos or videos never leave your device unencrypted.

They are encrypted at all times using AES-256, with your encryption key, which we do not have access to. With Cryptee, your data privacy and security is mathematically ensured using client-side encryption.

We can't see the contents or names of your files, photos or videos. Only you can.

What does this mean?

Even if a government entity asks for your data, we can only provide them with the encrypted data. AES-256 means it would take millions of years to crack open your data, even with supercomputers.

Regardless of which servers or cloud infrastructure we use, your files are only accessible to you. This means that we don't have to operate or maintain our own expensive physical servers and that we can use any cloud provider with confidence. This allows us to reduce costs and provide a more reliable service to you. Even if our servers are compromised or your data is seized, no third party can access your data.


We only use the open sourced OpenPGP.js or open-source and battle-tested encryption algorithms that are built into your browsers.

Using open source cryptography means that we can guarantee and you can verify that our encryption algorithms do not have any backdoors.

What's more is that Cryptee is open source as well, so that our software can be reviewed thoroughly by global security experts, who can independently ensure in an unbiased way that we can provide the best protection.

Cryptee is Open Source


No personal information required for signup.

We do not track or log any user activity, nor do we require you to use an email address or any other form of personally identifiable information.

We can't, we don't and we won't serve you any advertisements.

We hate ads as much as you do.
Cryptee Supports Anonymous Login


Cryptee is built to protect you against forceful access to your account.

We know that there could come a day when someone coerces you to log in and unlock your data. In cryptography, this is called "Rubberhose Cryptanalysis". Here is an XKCD comic describing exactly this.

Our "Ghost Folders" feature is here to protect you in these tough situations, where there is an asymmetry of power. If you "ghost" a folder, it will be removed from your account until you type in that folder's name again.

This means that even if you are forced to give a third party the keys to your account, your most sensitive data will still be safe and you can deny the existence of certain files and folders.

Cryptee has Ghost Folders


We only serve our pages over TLS / SSL.

This ensures that the communications between our servers and your devices are secured and not tampered with by third parties. Combined with our encryption, Cryptee also protects you from Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.

Cryptee is Served Securely


We are incorporated in Estonia, Europe.

Famously named "the most advanced digital society in the world" by Wired, Estonia is leading a technological revolution at the state level.

In addition, all your data is kept securely on our own servers and infrastructure, here in Europe.

This means we are based outside of U.S. and 14 eyes jurisdictions, and governments cannot casually ask for access to your data. We can only disclose your (very limited and encrypted) data only if we receive an Estonian court order to do so.
Cryptee is from Estonia


The greatest weakness in most security systems, is the human factor.

We strongly believe that security and privacy should be easy to use. Ideally, security is so easy that it's invisible to the user.

We designed Cryptee with this in mind. There is nothing to install, no encryption keys to manage, and no confusing user interfaces.

Cryptee is Easy to Use

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